Chapter 1

Date : 1st April 2013, Coffee house @ C.P, Delhi

“are you crazy!!”
Arya : “No, i am damn serious about it.”

My girlfriend was suggesting me to take a break into our relationship, so my reaction was totally suited to her idea.

Last few weeks didn’t go well for two of us as i was expecting some more time than the amount we spent together but because of work load, she found herself always busy and loaded to the top. We talked very less, we met rarely and intimacy chances were thrown out of the window weeks ago. We had hardly spent time together in each other’s company and because of her whole work schedule, there was very less hope in upcoming future also.

Oh… where are my manners!!!
Let me introduce myself and my life:

My Name is Jon, born and brought up in a small town of Maharastra, raised till my higher secondary exam and moved to delhi for my further education. For 4 years, i explored the world through some new eyes. And at the end of 4th year, i realized that i don’t want to work right now.
I wanted to travel.
I wanted to see India with a camera 🙂

Everybody believe that i have gone crazy and will lose focus of life. But i knew, this is the right path for a better future.
Never knew that in hope of traveling alone for an year, i will meet my soul mate (yup, i do believe in this concept!!!) during one of my travel trips.

Well, as i say : life is just taken the first step and this is the first chapter in my story 🙂 🙂

Chapter 1